One of the most important aspects of proper vehicle maintenance is oil. Motor oil lubricates your vehicles internal engine components, and if not properly maintained can cause some major headaches. Proper oil maintenance is much cheaper than a complete engine overhaul, just saying.


1. The recommended oil change interval

2. The recommended viscosity (SAE rating)

3. The recommended API rating

4. The vehicle specific specification of the oil


Always check your vehicles owner’s manual for recommended oil type and maintenance regiment. A good rule of thumb for the typical driver is never to exceed 4,000 miles between oil changes. That being stated we do live in Houston, TX so our cars have to endure extreme summer heat and the additional motor ware from the god awful traffic.


One of our MD Auto technicians can gladly assist you locate this information if needed.

A/C Repair

With the harsh summer weather in Houston your car’s a/c system has to work double time. Without proper maintenance your air conditioning unit is susceptible to degrading and common issues such as a refrigerant leak or compressor failure are much more likely to occur.


A/C Services:


- System Recharge

- A/C compressor

- Condenser

- Expansion valve

- Evaporator


MD Auto Clinic can help get you a/c system up and running, give us a call today to find out more details.

State Inspection

All vehicles registered in the state of Texas are required to have a comprehensive annual safety inspection as well as emissions testing in certain counties near Houston. MD Auto Clinic is an authorized vehicle inspection station that can assist with both safety and emissions testing.


Our state licensed vehicle inspection facility is fully equipped

with the required emissions testing equipment and we can quickly assist you with determining your vehicles status. Occasionally certain vehicles do not meet the state's mandated requirements, but an MD Auto Clinic technician can explain your options in detail.


When your sticker's expiration is approaching, stop by MD Auto Clinic in Pasadena, TX.

Car Detailing

A great looking car is worth it’s weigh in gold and at MD Auto Clinic you can expect gold service. Our detail technicians are not paid on a commission basis which allows them the needed time to personally ensure our customers get what they pay for.


We have extensive Exterior and Interior Auto Detailing options including waxing, window tinting, rim and wheel polishing, tire cleaning, and carpet cleaning.


Call us today to check our current auto detail promotions.





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